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miércoles, 3 de julio de 2019

Icom 746

Adquirí un Icom 746 este mes a un amigo que lo vendía y sabía como estaba tratado y me decidí a tenerlo, hacía mucho tiempo que me gustaba este equipo, ahora lo estoy completando de filtros para poder trabajar en cualquier modo agusto

miércoles, 30 de enero de 2019

jueves, 3 de enero de 2019

Icom 9700 ( Impresionante )

144, 430/440, 1200 MHz ALL MODE TRANSCEIVER
       Direct Sampling Now Enters the VHF/UHF Arena
     All mode, tri-band transceiver covering the 144, 430/440 as well as 1200 MHz
Real-time, high-speed spectrum scope for the 144, 430/440, 1200 MHz bands
  New PA provides a powerful 100 W (144 MHz), 75 W (430/440 MHz) and 10 W (1200 MHz) output
Follows Icom’s center display design style with a 4.3 inch touch screen color TFT LCD
Smooth satellite operation with normal/ reverse tracking and 99 satellite channels
Dualwatch operation and full-duplex operation in the satellite mode
D-STAR provides digital clear audio and Internet capable communication
Digital Data (DD) mode provides 128 kbps data communication
144, 430/440, 1200 MHz ALL MODE TRANSCEIVER
Frequency coverage: <USA version> <EUR version>
Number of channels:
Antenna connectors:
Power supply requirement: Power consumption:
Operating temperature range: Frequency stability: Frequency resolution: Dimensions:
Output power:
144 MHz
430/440 MHz 1200 MHz
Modulation system: SSB
Spurious emissions: 144 MHz
430/440 MHz 1200 MHz
Carrier suppression: Unwanted sideband: Microphone impedance:
Receiver system:
144.000–148.000, 430.000–450.000, 1240.000–1300.000 MHz 144.000–146.000, 430.000–440.000, 1240.000–1300.000 MHz SSB, CW, RTTY, AM, FM, DV, DD
107 (99 Simplex + 6 Program scan edges + 2 CALL) × 3 bands,
99 (Satellite) , 2000 (DR function)
144 MHz SO-239 (50 Ω),
430/440, 1200 MHz Type-N (50 Ω)
13.8 V DC ±15% (Negative ground)
TX Less than 18 A (High power)
RX 1.2 A typical (Standby), Less than 1.8 A (Maximum audio) −10 °C to + 60 °C; 14  ̊F to 140  ̊F
Less than ± 0.5 ppm (–10°C to + 60°C; 14 ̊F to 140 ̊F)
1 Hz
240 × 94 × 238 mm, 9.4 × 3.7 × 9.4 in (W × H × D, projections not included) 4.7 kg, 10.4 lb (approximate)
Hand microphone with UP/DOWN switches (Same as supplied)
Dynamic desktop microphone including [UP/DOWN] switches and a low cut function
DC power supply
(13.8 V DC, 25 A maximum output)
High quality audio and matching height Maximum input: 7 W
RS-BA1 Version 2
IP remote control software
Remote control application for AndroidTM. Download free from Google PlayTM.
                             0.5–100 W 0.5–75 W 0.1–10 W
0.125–25 W 0.125–18.75 W 0.025–2.5 W
• MB-118
• MB-123
• OPC-2350LU • SM-30
• SP-35
• SP-41
• CS-9700
Mobile mounting bracket
Carrying handle
PC/AndroidTM data cable
Compact, lightweight electret desktop microphone External speaker (2 m, 6.6 ft cable)
External speaker with two input lines Programming software
Digital PSN modulation
Digital Reactance modulation
Digital Low Power modulation
Digital GMSK Reactance modulation
Digital Quadrature modulation
<Harmonics> <Out-of-band emission>
Less than –63 dB Less than –61.8 dB Less than −53 dB More than 50 dB More than 50 dB 600 Ω
Less than −60 dB Less than −60 dB Less than −50 dB
■ SUPPLIED ACCESSORIES • HM-219, hand microphone • DC power cable
             144, 430/440 MHz RF Direct Sampling 1200 MHz Down Conversion IF Sampling 311–371 MHz (1200 MHz)
     Intermediate frequency:
Sensitivity (Preamp: ON, Filter: SOFT):
 SSB/CW (10 dB S/N) AM (10 dB S/N) FM (12 dB SINAD) DV (1% BER) (PN9) DD (1% BER) (PN9)
Selectivity (Filter: SHAPE): SSB (BW=2.4 kHz) CW (BW=500 Hz) RTTY (BW=500 Hz) AM (BW=6 kHz) FM (BW=15 kHz) DV (12.5 kHz spacing) DD (300 kHz spacing)
SSB/CW 144, 430/440 MHz More than 70 dB, 1200 MHz More than 50 dB AM/FM/DV 144, 430/440 MHz More than 60 dB, 1200 MHz More than 50 dB
Less than 0.11 μV Less than 1.0 μV Less than 0.18 μV Less than 0.35 μV Less than 1.59 μV
More than 2.4 kHz/−3 dB, More than 500 Hz/−3 dB, More than 500 Hz/−3 dB, More than 6 kHz/−3 dB, More than 12 kHz/−6 dB, More than −50 dB
Less than 3.6 kHz/−60 dB Less than 700 Hz/−60 dB Less than 700 Hz/−60 dB Less than 15 kHz/−60 dB Less than 20 kHz/−60 dB
A 144 MHz Antenna Connector C DC Power Socket
E LAN Port
G Accessory Socket
I USB/B Port
K KEY Jack
M External Speaker Jack SUB
B 430/440 MHz Antenna Connector D 1200 MHz Antenna Connector
F 10 MHz reference signal input
H Data Jack
J CI-V Remote Control Jack
L External Speaker Jack MAIN N Ground Terminal
                                        More than −40 dB Spurious and image rejection ratio:
        Audio output power:
DD 1200 MHz More than 50 dB
More than 2.0 W (1 kHz, 10% distortion) into an 8 Ω load
D-STAR (Digital Smart Technology for Amateur Radio) is a digital radio protocol developed by JARL (Japan Amateur Radio League). Icom, Icom Inc. and the Icom logo are registered trademarks of Icom Incorporated (Japan) in Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Russia, Australia, New Zealand and/or other countries. This product includes “zlib” and “libpng” open source software, and is licensed according to the open source software license. Android and Google Play are registered trademarks or trademarks of Google Inc. All other trademarks are the properties of their respective holders.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          18NNZ517A © 2018 Icom Inc.

jueves, 1 de noviembre de 2018

EA2RCF campeones EA PSK 2018

Recibiendo en Iberradio (AVILA) la placa de campeones del concurso EAPSK para el radio club Forndoda ( ALAVA )

Microkeyer III

Nuevo amplificador OM POWER 4001A

El equipo de OM POWER saco este año el nuevo amplificador 4001A 
simplemente felicitar a ese equipo por los buenos amplificadores que tiene en el mercado 

Mi participacion een el WW RTTY 2018 ( SORPRESA )

Menuda pedazo de sorpresa fue cuando vi mis resultados en este año en el concurso mundial de WW RTTY 2018 , 

Mis nuevos filtros pasabanda de alta potencia

Solo me queda como montarlos en el cuarto de radio para que molesten lo menos posible!!!

lunes, 11 de junio de 2018

domingo, 21 de enero de 2018

WPX RTTY 2018 , Bajo el indicativo ED2C , radio club Foronda

Llego el remotebox de EA4TX y el 6x2 LOW BAND SYSTEM

Ahora nos toca ponerse a currar , llego el material y ahora hay que ponerlo en marcha para el concurso WPX RTTY 2018 , para ver que tal funciona , seguro que genial !!!

domingo, 24 de septiembre de 2017

lunes, 4 de septiembre de 2017

martes, 15 de agosto de 2017

jueves, 27 de julio de 2017